Fats Eddy Fly Rods

Not your typical fly rod. Fast Eddy is a tenkara style rod and is a simple type of fishing originally practiced in Japan. It's designed specifically for mountain stream trout fishing, There is no reel. Instead, it telescopes out to 10ft and accommodates another 10-11ft of fly line.

It's just about fishing.

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From beginner to professional

Fast Eddy is different. There's no reel to manage which makes it a great starter rod. However, this also creates an entirely new experience for the seasoned fly fisher. For an entertaining new experience, Fast Eddy.

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For the love of fishing

Jason Kintzler is an entrepreneur who grew up on the rivers and streams of Montana and Wyoming. He created Fast Eddy for himself and his friends who may combine a day on the water with horse packing, moto, hiking, cycling or even snowboarding!

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A little something different

This isn't your typical fly rod. Throw it in a pack and forget it. Then, when the time is right, unfurl it in all its' glory to astonish your fresh water friends. You'll be in for the fight of your life with no line to manage and no reel to lean on.

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📷 Jeff McDonald: Fishing the Eddy.

"No reel, no set up a multi-section rod, no worrying about boxes of flies and spools of line....Tenkara is fly fishing at its most simple, and Fast Eddy makes that simple art as inexpensive, graceful and problem free as possible."

Adventures Northwest, Gift guide for fly fishers

"For small streams and pocket water, there's nothing better than Fast Eddy. It's fun for all ages and every skill level - plain and simple."

Jason Kintzler, Fast Eddy creator